As the holidays are coming to an end, the thought of New Year Resolutions are beginning to take shape. Have you ever felt stuck with creating or sticking to your New Year goals? Not sure what objectives you would like to focus on or prioritize? Are you concerned about failing or falling back into troublesome habits? Feeling pressured to uphold to societal norms? Wanting to make a change and feeling like the past is holding you back? 

It is common to encounter these obstacles while forming personal and professional goals. These experiences are typical for many people and there are ways to help manage the emotions as they surface during your search for solutions. When we think of ambitions, our inner critic strengthens by repeatedly scrutinizing and reprimanding us which can bring up feelings of helpless, worthless, inadequate, undesirable, and fear of following through due to failure.

These self-doubts can morph into other areas of our daily lives and end up in creating negative patterns of uncertainty or self-sabotaging behaviors. Instead of judging and criticizing yourself, you can learn to have compassion and kindness. It isn’t always about change, many times it’s simply about accepting those parts of ourselves and embracing them.

Therapy is a place to be self-explorative, while learning about yourself in a safe atmosphere. It provides a warm and non-judgmental environment where you can face your personal challenges head on, by examining your self-judgements. Therapy is a journey of self-growth that can serve as a tool for reaching your untapped potential and achieve your goals. 

It takes courage to take the first step and make an appointment to begin on this transition to self-discovery. As a trained mental health professional, allow me to accompany you as a guide, while supporting you on your way. Together we will find a way forward with strength, integrity, humanity, purpose, and fulfillment.